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Credits: 3.0

The course focuses on the interaction between educational institutions and their social context. Situated in the field of study known as social foundations of education, the content reflects disciplinary methods in the examination of such policy issues as the role of the schools in social change, the influence and consequences of formal and non-formal educational forces, and the economics and politics of school reform efforts. Students are challenged to consider the relationships between culture and power and the value-laden character of all educational endeavors. Thus the role of schooling is considered in cultivating the habits necessary for democratic citizenship which include ongoing efforts to secure equitable and just social relations, and to advance the common good.

Recent and Upcoming Instructors

Marzia Cozzolino

  • Summer 2018 (2187)
  • Fall 2018 (2191)

Jorge Enrique Delgado

  • Fall 2017 (2181)
  • Spring 2018 (2184)
  • Summer 2019 (2197)
  • Summer 2020 (2207)

Macrina C. Lelei

  • Fall 2019 (2201)

Maureen McClure

  • Spring 2019 (2194) - Syllabus
  • Spring 2020 (2204)