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Credits: 3.0

In this course, students learn about Ci3T, a multi-tiered system of support or MTSS, "to address academic, behavioral, and social-emotional domains for a comprehensive approach to student support and school improvement" (Lane, Oakes, & Menzies, 2014, p. 4). Through required readings and class assignments, students first develop an understanding of the core principles of Ci3T/MTSS and acquire many of the leadership skills necessary for implementation in the school environment: ¿ Understand a multi-tiered, preventative approach to schoolwide supports for all students. ¿ Gain knowledge about the foundational principles, critical components, and implementation procedures of CI3T/MTSS. ¿ Learn to use practical tools associated with effective implementation and evaluation of CI3T/MTSS. ¿ Understand how to use data to increase the fidelity and effectiveness of CI3T/MTSS practices in the school environment. Next, we study racial disproportionality in school discipline as an exclusionary practice before moving to preferred inclusionary practices, motivational interviewing, and coaching techniques. This is not a special education course on inclusion for students with disabilities. However, students with disabilities related to emotional and behavioral challenges especially benefit from the strategies we will focus on in this course: - coach teachers in evidenced-based Tier 1 and other classroom interventions - help teachers understand how to support students with mental health issues and mental health conditions - show teachers how to observe their own attitudes when faced with troublesome behaviors - guide teachers to understand classroom social dynamics.

Recent and Upcoming Instructors

Amy Srsic

  • Fall 2023 (2241)