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Credits: 3.0

This course will present information on the characteristics of and intervention approaches for children with autism spectrum disorders (ASDS). Introductory material will include diagnosis criteria and characteristics of ASDS. Current research on theories of etiology will be explored and analyzed. Screening tools and assessments specific to this population will be examined in detail. Intervention approaches (e.g., LBI/Discrete Trial, ABBLS, precision teaching, teach) will be described and analyzed in terms of basic premises, research base, associated curricula, and evaluative guidelines from the autism society of America and national institute of mental health. Representatives from local education and behavioral health systems serving children with ASDS will present services/intervention models available in the area.

Recent Instructors

Diana Knoll

  • Fall 2018 (2191)

Anastasia Kokina

  • Fall 2020 (2211)

Stephanie N. Saikaly

  • Fall 2019 (2201)