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Credits: 3.0

The United States is a country built on a foundation of laws, which are supposed to be a system of rules and procedures designed for the common good of our society. Historically, however, the U.S. legal system has not always considered what is good or just for serving all members of society, particularly in education. This course examines the evolution of education laws and policies in the U.S., as well as their influence on school reform efforts pre- and post-Brown v. Board of Education from an equity and social justice perspective. In this course, students will learn to understand the interplay between the three branches of government - the legislative, executive, and judicial branches - how the U.S. Supreme Court selects education cases, interprets the law, and makes its decisions given the political and social climate of the country. Furthermore, this course studies how the Court's decisions influence school reform policies, with a particular emphasis on urban schools, stakeholders, and society.

Recent Instructors

Dana N. Thompson Dorsey

  • Fall 2020 (2211)