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Credits: 3.0

In this course, we will engage in critical discourse about the historical roots, present-day manifestations, and speculative futures of technological innovations. We will explore and be in conversation with scholarly texts and media that provide a critical lens on the values, ideologies and social structures encoded in technological systems. Based on this foundation, we will interrogate applications of technology in our everyday lives and education spaces, and pursue lines of inquiry about the implications of these technologies on society. Our scholarship will build on the wealth of research conducted by women and people of color to analyze the implications of everyday technologies across race, gender, class, ability and other intersections of identity. We will explore a broad range of topics, including algorithms and artificial intelligence (AI), digital surveillance and science fiction. Our goals will be to follow our questions to find new questions, play with ideas, think deeply, and create scholarly artifacts that grapple with technology in the context of our collective humanity.

Recent and Upcoming Instructors

Beatrice Dias

  • Fall 2022 (2231)