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Credits: 3.0

This course deals both with methods used in educational research and with the underlying theories, assumptions, and limitations. Students will do various inquiry activities, including sampling, observation and other data collection activities, as well as critical analysis of literature relevant to an important educational problem. These inquiry activities and study provide a foundation for further study of epistemological issues on which educational research and theory are based.

Recent Instructors

Sara M. Demartino

  • Spring 2018 (2184)
  • Spring 2019 (2194)

Allison L. Escher

  • Spring 2018 (2184)

Ellice Forman

Heather Hendry Annegan

Jon-Philip Imbrenda

Michael Lovorn

  • Spring 2018 (2184)

Calli Shekell

  • Spring 2020 (2204)