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Credits: 3.0

Instructional practices that respond to the social context in which they (will) work. The course covers general principles and approaches to culturally responsive teaching such as how teachers develop meaningful relationships with students, how teachers learn from and about a school and local community, how teachers develop and implement culturally responsive classroom management, and how teachers develop expectations for students that maximize their capacity. In addition, the course will assist students in learning about and developing culturally responsive curriculum and pedagogy in their different content/subject matter areas (such as mathematics, science, art, language arts, and social studies). A recurrent and central question of the course is: how do teachers develop culturally responsive instructional practices in their particular disciplinary domain to maximize students learning opportunities?

Recent Instructors

Jason Mendez

  • Fall 2019 (2201)
  • Fall 2020 (2211)

Dana N. Thompson Dorsey