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Credits: 3.0

This course is designed for those seeking to enhance their professional careers with scholarship. The EDD degree offers an intensive cohort experience and preparation for rigorous, applied research based on a broad, but in-depth acquaintance with the contexts within which phenomena, issues, policies and practices have emerged in the past and continue to evolve in our times. First, students will have the opportunity to develop an enhanced scholarly knowledge base encompassing the various facets of education/society relations by exploring the social, political, economic and cultural contexts within which education/educating take place and within which government agencies, educational institutions, policy-makers, educators and other stakeholders are situated or situate themselves when considering, fashioning, implementing, or reacting/responding to educational phenomena and policies/practices/reforms. Second, preparation for rigorous applied research should follow from understanding the rationales for and challenges of undertaking any of a number of possible research approaches to studying specific phenomena or problems of policy/practice and considering the complications imposed by these contexts in terms of what must be taken into consideration when applying research methods to human conditions and environments.

Recent Instructors

Michael G. Gunzenhauser

Sean Kelly

  • Fall 2019 (2201) - Syllabus
  • Fall 2020 (2211)