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Credits: 3.0

This seminar explores contemporary issues of social and public policy in Latin America through complexity, systems, gonadal, policy diffusion, comparative, and case-study approaches. In the first section participants review general policy concepts and theories, to be followed by the historical, economic and political context of public and social policy in the region. The second section examines several policy areas such as education, employment, poverty alleviation, public administration, social security, health, minorities, and violence. Using complexity and systems perspectives it is possible to understand how social and public policy influences the development and practice of fields like education and it could be also influenced by those fields. Disciplines such as economics, history, health, political science, anthropology, and sociology shape and help to make sense of educational issues and vice versa. This seminar is an opportunity for students in education and other disciplines to engage in interdisciplinary deliberation on policy issues in this region and fulfills the requirements for certificates in Latin American studies. Materials for the class include current news, scholarly publications, videos and other material published in English, Spanish, and possibly Portuguese (students must be able to read at least basic Spanish).

Recent Instructors

Jorge Enrique Delgado

  • Fall 2018 (2191)
  • Fall 2019 (2201)
  • Fall 2020 (2211)